Appropriating the aesthetics from the artist’s ancient nomadic roots, the work concerns about contemporary issues in society, including political and environmentally charged topics, identity challenges and lack of authenticity. Using multiple artistic media, including painting, photography, sculpture, installations and performance, the work draws the inspiration from the complexity of contradictory feelings for the artist’s home country Kazakhstan. However, it aims to address universal issues. Recently acquired traditional form of felting techniques results in a series of installations that respond to the artist’s oeuvre. The work offers uncanny but equally tactile experiences. The choice of sheep wool as the medium is a way to link the artist’s Central Asian background where nomadic tribes used wool to survive to the medieval history of wool trading in England where she now lives. Ultimately the work proposes transcending cultural differences to ease the ever-growing tension in the world and embrace the wisdom of different people to contribute to the collective well-being.

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