• Contemplating the nature of reality

Uriya Jurik works across multiple platforms including painting, photography, performance, sculpture and installation, although currently is focused on the latter.

In addition to Uriya’s artistic practice, she helps people as a coach for addiction recovery, holistic life transformation and psychedelic preparation and integration at AUROOM LIFE.

Intertwining the latest shifts of worldview in science with ancient wisdom, particularly the concepts of quantum theory and shamanism, Uriya creates metaphysical spaces and forms that challenge the audience’s perception, inspire resurrection of our true nature and take responsibility for the wellbeing of the planet.

Appropriating ancient nomadic traditions from her homeland Kazakhstan, Uriya Jurik works with found and organic media including sheep bones, felt and wool. Drawing on wool and felt’s unique materiality, the history of which goes back to the dawn of man’s earliest technology to provide warmth and shelter, the work asks searing questions to challenge individual and collective consciousness within the context of globalisation and rapidly developing technologies. Embracing wool’s chaotic constitution as a metaphor for the contemporary turmoil, the work makes palpable the entanglement of the Universe which evolves through us – tiny, vulnerable wool fibres in the infinite interconnected tapestry of the world.


One Hundred Steps To Greatness

Burden (Dragging)